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Selecting frames without first trying them on

Start by looking over our advice section below. Then choose your frames from among our exclusive designs, specially selected by our stylists.

Help! What colour should I choose?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this age-old question, however, our team has put together some tips n’ tricks to help steer you in the right direction. Some colours will make your eyes pop more than others depending on the colour of your eyes, hair and skin tone.


We suggest choosing dominantly blue, white, black, plumb, magenta or mauve frames. Pewter, brushed silver or shiny frames are also a great choice. Dare to wear our amber coloured tortoise shell frames.


Think gold, brown, yellow, ivory, turquoise and even grey. Most warm metals will also look great on you. Select our most colourful tortoise shell frames for a bold statement.

Which shape?

Depending on the shape of your face, some frames will be better suited to you than others. For example, if you have a roundish face avoid round frames and go for square or tapered frames instead.


What’s the most versatile face shape? An oval face! You are completely free to choose just about any frame you like from our entire collection, just try to avoid anything too oversized.


The width of your jaw and forehead are about the same with more angular features? Then you have a square-shaped face! Soften your angular features with rounder shapes.


Are the height and width of your face are pretty identical with soft features? Choose angular shapes to balance out your round features.


Heart-shaped or triangular face? Try to avoid square or rectangular frames that will accentuate the width of your cheeks. Your best choice is to choose a rounder shaped frame.

What about the size of the frames?

Each frame has its own size which you will find on the temple of the frame. A series of numbers represents the size of the glasses. For example: 50-20-145.

The first number represents the width of the lens, the second is the width of the nose bridge and the last number is the temple length.

To help you select the right size, we have grouped the frames into three categories. If you already wear glasses, add the lens diameter to the length of the nose bridge. Once you have this number, check the chart below for your frame size. You can always follow the instructions below to find your frame size!


61 and under

If the distance from the center of your nose to the farthest extremity of your eye is much smaller than 5.5 cm (the width of a credit card) then select a small frame.


62 to 67

If the distance from the center of your nose to the farthest extremity of your eye is close to 5.5 cm (the width of a credit card) then a medium frame is right for you!


68 and above

If the distance from the center of your nose to the farthest extremity of your eye is much greater than 5.5 cm (the width of a credit card) then you should select a large frame.

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