Lens Coatings

Lens coatings

For increased comfort, we offer thinner lenses based on the power of your prescription. All our lenses include scratch resistant anti-reflective coating.

Each of our frames include high quality lenses and are manufactured using a lightweight, impact resistant polycarbonate. Our thin lenses are recommended for stronger prescriptions, offering you lighter glasses.

We will advise you should your prescription require lenses different from the ones you selected.

Standard lens

Recommended for prescriptions between -2.75 and +1.00


Scratch resistant

UV Protective


Thin lens

Recommended for prescriptions stronger than +1.00 or less than -2.75

Up to 30% thinner


Scratch resistant

UV Protective


All our lenses include a scratch resistant, anti-reflective coating.

All our lenses include scratch resistant, anti-reflective coating. If you would like an even higher quality coating, we suggest the easy clean lens which includes scratch resistant and anti-reflective coating as well as well as being water-repellant, smudge-proof and dust resistant.

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